How much does it cost to build a new website in Dubai? 2021 Update

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This research-based article will highlight the comprehensive information about cost-related factors to build a new website in Dubai. Many entrepreneurs and those who are already in the business game, hold their horses as they are unfamiliar with the cost of developing a new website in Dubai.

Whenever someone approaches a web design company to boost his business, the first thing he wants to know is what will he pay to develop a new website? As far as I am concerned, no digital agency in Dubai can tell you the exact amount at that moment. However, I will make sure to deliver most of it regarding website design costs in Dubai or UAE.

Designing a website isn’t about just making a template and refurb it. There are many things to explore to make the perfect strategy for designing a website. Before diving to know about the price of a website in Dubai, let me tell you what specific features influence the design cost.

Many people were wondering how to find an article about website cost. Without delay, I’m going to precisely tell you what you are looking for. How much does a new website cost in Dubai?

Let’s see how much does it cost to build a new website in Dubai.

  • For a simple and small business website, the cost will be from AED 2500 to AED 5,000.
  • For a lead and conversion-focused website, the cost will be from AED 5000 to AED 8,000.
  • Features enriched, comprehensive and complex website cost starts from AED 15,000 and so on.

Cost to Build a new Website in Dubai

Cost is estimated but closer to reality. You will be charged more as you add more features to your website just like as the sweetness increases with sugar addition.

The upcoming example will give you a better idea of price fluctuation by varying conditions.

While changing circumstances, you will have to pay more for items. It is the case with web design costs in Dubai.

The latest price of Mitsubishi Pajero on average is AED 111, 528. When you want to add functions to the vehicle, the price can cross AED 150,000. Now, you have two options, it’s your choice to pick one. With add-on features, you have to pay more as compared to the original Large SUV’s price.

You may be stuck at the point when you think that “What’s the purpose of my website and what will I get out of it?”

Let me make it easy for you. Do you think that your website

  • Generate traffic
  • Digitally present your work
  • Sell your products
  • Be certain to build awareness
  • Exhibit your business to the outer world
  • Generates leads and sales

Once you are certain about what you want to do with your website, digital experts in Dubai can develop one for you.

Web Design Cost Influential Factors

  • Website size – Number of pages
  • Expected Growth – Website traffic
  • Add-ons – Nature and number of features
  • Website Content – Do you have it or will the agency provide it too?
  • Personalization Ease – CMS (Content Management System)
  • Marketing Tactics – Email marketing, automation, CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Above mentioned factors plus time to perform your desired action affect web design cost.

Website Size Primarily Affects Website Cost

Building two malls with different features (design, floors, interior etc) will not complete at exactly the same time, so the web design. Website size directly influences the cost considering the length of the website and features that are embedded. Developing a 50 page website will obviously take more time as compared to a 5 pages website.

Multiple pages websites require internal pages linking while making the website design a more complex process.

A Good Designed Website Can Impress Your Customers

Do you need a website for your Dubai business? A simple corporate website can fulfill your needs. When your web designer creates your website, 5-10 web pages will be more than enough considering your products. Such a website exhibits your business information, services (with sub-categories), staff, and contact details. If such a straightforward website is not designed with perfection, you may lose your clients. To satisfy their needs, customers will move to another platform to search for what they need. Alas! Another platform (next Google’s search) can be your competitor.

Good website design is the first impression for customers regarding website exploration. If your website page takes more than 5 seconds to load, do you think that client will wait this long?

Website Functionalities Will Make You Pay More

Website design complications directly affect cost. However, a multiple pages website with simple typography and layout can be created in less time as compared to a one-page code-based-designed website.

If you want to develop a small business website, just do it simple using the few pages technique. But, if it’s a larger corporation and wants to show its abilities digitally, a complex and features rich website can fulfill your need. For any business model, there is certain time and techniques to build a well-designed website. All for one, for a complex website, your cost will cross the simple web design expenses.

For an online business shop, store functions are applied. Such an E-commerce website includes product categories, sub-products, brands and third-party involvement. To make it possible for your visitors to directly buy from your website, you have to add bank or other payment gateways so they order items by giving you money online. Website functions with third-party involvement make you pay more to your website designer. To build a professional website for your business, you have to find the best web design agency in Dubai.

Website Personalization – CMS (Content Management System)

People often don’t take Content Management System (CMS) seriously. Even if you don’t know, CMS enables you to edit or update the content of your website. With the technology revolution, Content Management Systems are being introduced in the digital market. The big bulls of CMS are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Once the website is launched, the next question arises who will be handling your website’s editing. For technical and CMS known persons, it is just a cream job to manage content via any CMS system. Though, most of the time, your website content is managed by your administration or marketing personnel. They are less technical and a simple editor is just fine for them to update your website content with time.

How can you choose CMS for your website?

You can select CMS for your website if you know:

  • Who will manage your website content? Will it be the digital agency or your business workers?
  • Will there be a need to add pages to your website?
  • Do you need additional features like E-commerce, email marketing tools or plugins?

Once you have answers, I bet that you will not dig a hole for your website considering content management difficulty.

Distinctive Website Types and Their Estimated Costs

Typically, websites are divided into 4 major categories depending on their use. They are pronounced as basic corporate websites, medium corporate websites, large corporate sites and E-commerce sites. I am going to elaborate on how development cost fluctuates around these types.

Website Development Cost of Basic Corporate Websites In Dubai

For small businesses, they focus on attracting more local traffic to their websites as compared to their competitors. They just need a digital business face to recognize themselves. For example, landscaping and house repairing companies are referred to as such businesses. The nature of such websites is to run the long-term business while generating leads and sales.

For such a case, a website of fully functional 5-10 pages is enough. In addition, if their services are sub-categorized, page numbers can increase. For basic corporate site costs, you can think of AED 3,000 to AED 10,000. A reputable digital agency can build such a website in a week or two.

Website Development Cost Of Medium Corporate Websites In Dubai 

These websites correlate with basic corporate but the number of web pages with excelled technical features is between 10-30. For a conversion-focused medium corporate site, the cost will be from AED 4,500 to AED 15,000. You can expect website delivery in 4-6 weeks.

Website Development Cost Of Large Corporate Sites In Dubai

As the number of web pages is increased, the website building process becomes comprehensive with complex page linking. The large corporate website has more than 30 pages with a budget of AED 12,000 and so on.

Website Development Cost Of E-commerce sites In Dubai

Just keep in mind that web design cost increases with complexity and products. Do you think of developing a website like Alibaba? Get ready to pay millions of dollars to a digital agency. Anyway, an ordinary E-commerce Dubai site can cost between AED 8,000 & 35,000.

Are you planning to create an E-commerce website? Don’t you know where to start? You need to consult some professional. Tell your idea and expect something amazing. It is a long-term project and you can also plan to build in steps. With such Dubai website development, you can test a product that either its demand increases with time or just touches the ground.

For your convenience, just look at the table and you can easily understand how much it costs to build a website in Dubai.

Website TypeExpected CostDelivery Time
Small Corporate SiteAED 3,000 to AED 10,0001-2 Weeks
Medium Corporate SiteAED 4,500 to AED 15,0004-6 Weeks
Large Corporate WebsitesAED 12,000 and so on6-8 Weeks
E-commerce WebsiteAED 8,000 to 35,000Variation

Wait! These Factors Also Affect Web Design Dubai

With business expansion, it has become easy to hire someone (company) for the services that you need. But, contacting a professional is not just vintage, it is and will be the priority. For your corporate website development information, an expert web design company in Dubai can guide you.

Don’t overlook these factors too as you might get pinched at a certain point of Dubai website building.

Which Web Design Dubai Company You Should Hire?

Before starting working with a web design company, gather information about the company’s profile. Ask either that have done any project like yours? Do they have enough resources to complete your project within a specific duration? Can the company offer you an exact quote regarding your project?

How much does a digital agency demand?

When a website design company asks for a certain amount regarding a project, it is up to you to proceed with it or look for someone else. How will you do this? You can go through the company’s portfolio and go through what work they have done. Search for a project similar to yours and analyze whether it would be enough for what they are demanding or not.

Moreover, ask your Dubai web design company what technicalities they will adopt to complete your project. Whether you think they are asking more or they are treating you as a client but not as a partner, you should look for someone else. Such a company would ruin your project as well as time.

Do you have proper communication with a web building company?

As Dubai is a place to invest, people from different races, languages and countries head towards it. Make sure that your website company is located in Dubai. For smoother communication, meetings are important and expressions say what you cannot.

If the company is virtually not in Dubai, they may complete your project for less. But, what will you do if somehow the project is delayed and something happens that you were not expecting? It is better to pay a bit more to an in-house digital agency.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” (Peter Drucker)

Is business relevant or not?

Last but not least, it is the best approach to check whether the company fits your project. Many companies are specified to certain niches. The best web design agency in Dubai is who can do any project that you have. You might need to search a bit to find such a company. Otherwise, at the end of the day, you may not be pleased with the project that the company may have done.

I hope now you understand what you should think before hiring a digital agency for your Dubai web design project and how much it will cost.