Don’t Do This With Your Web Design! Common Web Design Mistakes In Dubai

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Everyone admits that without the internet, survival is difficult both for sellers and buyers. A digital infrastructure (website) is the ultimate platform to peak your sales but there will be a lot of web design mistakes that appears in your infrastructure. One for all, it is necessary to portray a refined website to the audience that precisely represents your business. 

Even A Coin Has Two Sides

If you build a website for your business either via a professional or DIY website builder, do you think that it is a perfect match for your business to generate revenue? It’s not the complete truth. When you look deeper into your website, you will find multiple errors that you’ve overlooked previously. 

As I have been in the digital market for years, I am telling with my experience that don’t underestimate your website technicalities. 

You can either build your business reputation or can demolish it, it partially depends on your users. How? If they find your website such a platform from which they can get satisfactory products or services, you are on the way to become a business tycoon and leaving your competitors behind. However, if your website is not a reliable source for the audience, your business foundations would collapse. 

With in-depth research and planning, you can eliminate the chances of business liquidation. A web design agency in Dubai can do this for you but finding a reliable one is up to you. 

To grow your business online beyond limits, you have to understand what people want. Don’t know what is the main reason that you are losing clients? I am going to explain some reasons and how you can override them.

What’s The Importance Of Web Design?

You may have heard that the first impression is the last impression, it also implies here. If your website is designed in such a way that users face difficulties while exploring it, they will ignore it and look for other platforms (website) to find their interest (the next platform can be your competitor). As the percentage of visitors leaving your site within a few seconds upsurges, the bounce rate increases too. 

It is a fact that as a user visits the website, the first 5 seconds define whether the user stays on your website or not. The first step to generate leads is that users should visit your website and be there until they find what they want. 

Making users stay on your website, you have to work to refine your first impression. Double sure that everything is visible and it glows your website with positive vibes. 

Common Web Design Mistakes that must not to do in website infrastructure:

Trust is everything

It is a sure fact that the traffic that has left your site due to inconvenience is not coming back ever as quality reflects trust. 

When your website is developed in such a disciplined manner that everything is covered, you can predict a trust bond will create between your website and clients. 

If users trust your content and embrace it unwillingly, I can say that you have won them over. 

Here is the list of common mistakes that you overlook while designing your website. If you hire a digital company in Dubai to develop your business website, make sure that everything is closer to the ideal condition.

Call To Action Wasn’t Precise 

There is always a goal behind the website, either it is to sell your products or to deliver information. Anyway, the main focus is to grab visitors as much as possible. Even a common mistake that you made while designing a website can deflect your visitors’ attention. 

How did it go wrong?

  • Call to action buttons are linked at the very bottom of the page that are difficult for new visitors to locate.
  • They are wrongly placed where the audience doesn’t pay much attention.
  • There are quite a few calls to action buttons dispersed on the page. Users confuse what to select and what to neglect.

The website should design in such a way that feels easy to mind and users find it interesting to go through it. Design should reflect what’s the purpose of your website. Everything that we are discussing is how many benefits a user can avail from a website. 

Call to action buttons should be prominent and placed at exact places. For example, if the user is exploring the home page and there is a text box that narrates the summary of the service page, a service page button should be there. 


Website Takes Minutes To Load

As time is money, not even a single user will wait for a day to visit your website. Although graphical content grabs the attention of more visitors if it takes hours to just see it, is it worth watching? Is such an act beneficial for the client? Of course not. 

The user will not stay at your web page if its loading speed is dead slow. Consider web performance while designing. You can even search for different platforms that allow you to test your web speed. Identify what is making your website as slow as a turtle. Point out those sections and modify them from your web developer. 

A web design agency can play a vital role to optimize your page speed.

Volumetric & Swamped Web Pages

A website is the best example to explain the saying “less is enough”. The ideal way to keep your website fully optimized is to keep it low on things. If there is lengthy text, animations, snaps and videos, how can you think that your web page will fully load in 5 seconds? Such an approach will yield nothing and reduce the number of visitors that you already have. 

A less bulky page is an ideal way to keep your website user-friendly while visitors are getting the results that they look for. 

Most visitors say:

“I want a simple, clean, modern-looking website with lots of whitespaces”.

As less but important things are included, better it be. 

What should you focus on?

  • Pick a simple web design
  • Focus on web content 
  • Leave free space to avoid bulkiness 
  • Be consistent in your style
  • Divide your content into patches rather than using it as one paragraph

Responsive Web Design (RWD) Is Always The Winner

With technological advancement, we rely on e-devices to wrap up the day. It’s not forgotten that visitors use to explore websites both on laptop and smartphone. As research reveals, more than 28% of newly built WordPress websites don’t have mobile responsive themes. Yes! It’s sad but true.

If a web development agency doesn’t include this feature, how will the visitors be accommodated who don’t explore the website from desktop? 

Making the design responsive for all devices can push traffic from various e-devices to your website. 

A web design company in Dubai can do this for you at a budgeted cost. Want to do this on your own? Watch some tutorials on how to make an existing theme responsive. 

What Do You Need To Do Exactly?

If there are web design mistakes and you or your web design agency highlights them, make sure they are resolved as soon as possible. 

Enhance the usability of your website with responsive web design.

Try to make your website a better platform where the audience can stay longer and increase your sales. 

Don’t rush your website with animations, videos and pictures. Try to be simple and focused.