E-commerce Website Development

An E-commerce website is the digital identity of your business. Having an online venture not merely assists you to sell your products on internet, it helps to build a better relationship with your customers with continuous upgradation of your store relevant to the latest business trends. In reality, ecommerce website development is a bit tricky as compared to a simple site. Even a slight absence of mind can cause you much and will damage your online reputation.

Guerrilla Local has been offering e-commerce website development services in Dubai for more than a decade. Our focus is to push business above competitors by implementing digital skills to boost products’ sales and services’ subscriptions.

Guerrilla Local is devoted to offer niche-based e-commerce development services to meet individual business objectives. Our digital developers combine market insights with digital expertise to raise international and local e-commerce platforms across the globe. We can develop an e-commerce platform using WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, OsCommerce, Drupal and BigCommerce.

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A powerful, integrated, and personalized e-commerce store is an upshot that improves and defines the future of your sales. As far as investment is concerned, it is a one-time investment project that proceeds within-budget maintenance cost plus it is a prior course of action as compared to establish a business physically.


Get a custom-designed ecommerce store that truly reflects your business and expands your business boundaries with improved ROI.

Ecommerce Website Development Services Guerrilla Local Offers

Coherent management with integrated ecommerce systems, functionalities and applications

Ecommerce website development isn’t just about representing your products on internet. There are a lot of functions that are integrated within such as shipment systems, customer relationship management systems, payment gateways, inventory systems and more. With our ecommerce web development services, it will be easier for you to manage operations and functionalities of store with advanced and instant support. Store management with integrated systems and applications logically boosts your sales.

Seamless user experience across mobile devices and desktops with responsive ecommerce website design

To rank on higher positions and retain your top positions is only possible with responsive ecommerce website design as it ensures that users experience the same experience across a variety of desktops and multiple screen sizes of mobile devices. Responsive website design speaks to the fact of appearing website across multiple devices with full functionality. A website that operates perfectly on desktop but not on mobiles isn’t even getting attention of mobile users. Our responsive ecommerce website development services ensure that customers bear a similar user experience whenever they access website regardless of e-devices.

UI/UX designs for contended and congenital responses

Audience visits a website that has an intuitive user experience. A website that is beautifully designed but doesn’t capture much attention is obviously lacking something that is blocking it to succeed. Never miss a potential lead with a UI/UX designed website. Guerrilla Local offers remarkable ecommerce website development services in Dubai and our focus is to create websites that offer improved user experience and smooth navigation. Developing a captivating website not only improves sales but builds brand trust; a prior way to keep visitors engaging with your ecommerce website.

Content and products management from a secure CMS platform

Websites based on CMS systems come with ease to add multiple features to perform certain actions. Ecommerce website creation with a CMS platform is useful whenever you want to mold your digital presence both for long-term and short-term campaigns. Guerrilla Local offers CMS-based ecommerce website development services in Dubai tailored to individual business needs for easy content and product management.

Ecommerce web design that’s supported by search engines for more visibility in search results

Unlike traditional SEO, now the SEO isn’t just about integrating content with keywords. Main concern is how users interact with a website when they visit it and it is also subjected to search results’ visibility. An optimized website is loved by search engines and its appearance in search results for relevant search queries is improved. Guerrilla Local is focused on ecommerce website development and considers website authority, ranking, traffic, leads, revisits and better customer experience key factors for extended period business success. You can implement multiple SEO factors (tracking, analytics, link auditing), conversion rate optimization, cart abandonment rate analysis and heat mapping to get maximum from your marketing campaign for your ecommerce website.

Ecommerce Website Development Services In Dubai

Magento Ecommerce Websites

Guerrilla Local has a team of professional and certified Magento developers that can help to expand your business premises with Magento custom design and store development, support and speed optimization. Our ingenious Magento developers have the expertise to work on all versions of Magento. Either you are looking for a Magento e-commerce website development from scratch or just need customization for your existing Magento website, you can rely on us. Big brands like Samsung, Omega, Ford, Hp, Cannon etc use the Magento e-commerce platform to accomplish their goals.

Woocommerce Web Development

WooCommerce is a convenient approach to build a fully functional online store for your business in the UAE. You can even use advanced features of WooCommerce development together with extensions considering your upcoming website progression. Acting as a dominating WooCommerce website development company in Dubai and the Middle East, Guerrilla Local can assist you to create a proficient, powerful, customized, search engine optimized, mind captivating and highly professional e-commerce website that drives leads and sales and gives your business exceptional triumph over your competitors.

Drupal Ecommerce Website Development

As the website development using Drupal CMS system offers customization ease, similarly the development of E-commerce website with Drupal Commerce provides the opportunity to set your online cart in accordance to your very own business goals. Integral features like payment methods accessible from various payment portals can define your order management, discount pricing etc. Drupal commerce extends your accurate dealings with VAT support and tax calculation.

WordPress Ecommerce Website Development

Since the establishment of Guerrilla Local, our developers are focused to follow innovative technology and latest trends for e-commerce website development. Having deep insights into the WordPress world, we are continuously evolving our design and development procedures to build such captivating online stores for our clients that not only enchant customers to buy but maintain top positions on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Shopify Store Development

Because of built-in features, flexibility and being reasonable, Shopify’s popularity is gradually increasing, making it a place to grab more visitors with a straightforward strategy. Focusing on your business goals, Shopify handles all your backend work, saving your business development time to achieve customized business goals. Shopify, an emerging e-commerce solution design to meet your specific business goals.

BigCommerce Development

BigCommerce is a subscription-based platform and centrally hosted. As a software plus services platform, it comes with ease to create an online store to showcase your products, hosting, search engine optimization features and secure infrastructure suited for small-scale and medium-sized businesses. Above stated features set BigCommerce apart from the rest of the e-commerce development platforms.

OsCommerce Website Development

Comes with thousands of stunning features, OsCommerce helps you build online vendor that is robust and user-engaging. Address your business to the online world and generate revenue with improved conversions and sales. OsCommerce allows developers to design online cart architecture engagingly, comes with tons of add-ons, to reflect your business offerings. With 12 years of e-commerce development experience, Guerrilla Local can create attractive, mind captivating, user engaging, search engine optimized and features-filled online carts utilizing cutting edge features of OsCommerce. 

With a customized ecommerce store, target your customers, expand your business, boost leads conversion and improve return on investment.

Common Q/A To Better Understand Our Web Design Service

Depending on the functionality of the website, we generally develop a simple and small website within a week and for a large website, it can take 1 or 2 months for proper implementation of strategy, page internal linking and complex infrastructure development. However, from strategy development to implementation and implementation to finalization of website, time frame may vary because of design and content approval and amendments.

For more than 16 years, Guerrilla Local has been pioneering content system management (CMS) based websites on WordPress, ASP.NET, Joomla and Drupal. For e-commerce websites, we utilize the stunning features of WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento. We have designed and developed customer relation management (CRM) based websites, lead management systems, chatbots and mobile apps for android, iOS and Windows.

Our service costs are affordable, market competitive and reasonable. Even if your website development budget is limited, still Guerrilla Local can be helpful. For a general website, starting from AED 2,500 to reaching up to several thousand, our costs are purely based on functionalities and features added to the site. To design and develop an e-commerce store, the cost ranges between AED 8,000 and AED 35,000 depending on the selection of e-commerce platform.

Yes, we develop. Moreover, for lead generation landing pages, Guerrilla Local offers heat mapping, A/B and multivariate testing services to boost conversions and sales.

è Selection of domain name

è Selection of CMS platform

è Design assessment and finalization

è Content strategy development

è Selection of hosting

è Implementation of design and development features

è Launching of website

è Ongoing progress with amendments

To target international audience, we have developed websites in English, Arabic, German, Chinese, German, and French. To target the local audience, we have developed multiple sites in native languages.

Whenever we have a development project, we complete it honestly to develop a strong bond with our clients. Considering the reliability of our services, 45% of our clients have been partnering with us for the past 5 years and 30% for over 10 years. Our clients are small and medium enterprises, international brands, large manufacturing corporations, leading regional brands, government bodies and we do develop personal websites, blogs and website maintenance.

Guerrilla Local is a full-fledged digital agency established in 2006 and offering services in retail, travel, insurance, medical, e-commerce, hospitality, education and real estate sectors.

Guerrilla Local isn’t just a web design and development company, it is a leading digital agency in Dubai that offers remarkable services of graphic designing, video production, social media marketing, search engine optimization, advertising campaigns and a lot more. Talking about website development, we adopt a strategic path that is well-planned and describe how we will proceed with your designing project. From the selection of color schemes to finalizing SEO strategies, Guerrilla Local does it all.

Whenever and wherever you need our digital services, just let us know. We will serve you with website design and development, SEO, mobile apps development and other above-mentioned services.

Guerrilla Local is a mature and experienced digital company operating since 2006. Whether you want to redesign your website and want to redevelop it concerning future needs, we are available 24/7. Starting from scrap to develop a fully functional website, we can help you with all kinds of digital services with such motivation that no other company could offer.

From redesigning a section of the website to redevelop it completely, we will incorporate every design element that supports responsiveness. As far as charges for redesigning or redevelopment services are concerned, it is entirely based on workload.

Searching for a digital agency that delivers results-driven services for your business development?