What is the best suitable way to create a website in Dubai? DIY or Professionally Developed Website

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Do you own a business and want to extend it beyond limits? A website can be your ultimate tool to reach out to the maximum number of people. 

Why Website is essential for your business?

With the technology revolution, people are moving to the digital world. When someone needs a product or service, they prefer to look for it on the internet rather than asking people physically. More or less, when you have a digital outlet for your business, it becomes easy for customers to better understand what you are offering. 

Now the question is, can you make a website on your own or you have to hire a professional digital agency in Dubai to create a website? A straightforward answer is: you can build a website with a DIY builder and you can even hire a Dubai web design agency that can create one for you. 

When there is a need to create a website or update an existing one, the preferable way to do this is to go with planning. This planning includes a strategy which you will follow. You can do it yourself or can ask a digital agency in Dubai to do it for you. 

Technology Emergence & Website Development In Dubai

Website development has radically changed over the years. A few years back, if you wanted to develop a website, you could do it easily as there were few platforms to build a website. You just had to learn some languages (JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3). However, if you want to create a website in the current scenario, there are plenty of options utilizing which you can develop a web for your business. 

With the ease of Content Management System (CMS), it is now affordable to create a website. With some guidance, even a noob can easily manage to make a website. 

Still, there is a basic question to answer “Should you choose the DIY website builder or rely on a professional website design and development agency in Dubai or UAE

I am going to highlight the perks of both ways to develop a website in Dubai. 

DIY Website Development In Dubai

When you do something on your own, it refers to DIY (Do It Yourself). DIY web development is a way to use free or paid tools that help to create a website. In such a development fashion, people don’t consult with professional website builders. 

Building a website as a DIY project saves you money that would be invested in professional consultation and their services. Building a website in such a manner enables you to use a variety of templates and customization settings. Customization settings include header, footer, slider, text boxes, logo, page layout, color scheme, title and other options you can think of. Even if you are a non-tech guy, you can build a website without any hassle of coding. 

Want to develop a website on your own? Choose Wix or Weebly with design versatility. However, you cannot risk your time by using the complex Content Management System i.e. Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. These CMS require working perfection and experience to create a website. I am not saying you wouldn’t be able to use them, do some research, practice your instincts and furnish your website with these Content Management Systems. 

What problems will resist you to develop a website through DIY website Builder in Dubai?

As far as I know, a DIY web builder sounds like a good idea. You can save money that would be spent to create a website via a professional digital agency. However, this idea is not as rewarding as you are thinking. Developing a website on your own with less investment offers you limited access to tools. To use the specific one, you have to buy it. 

Being a DIY website builder, one can go for:

Paid Hosting Plan

Premium Templates

Paid Tools 

Even though you pay for tools that you will use to build a better website, what will you do if you are stuck? DIY website builders have limited or random knowledge about tools. You will not get such conversion and lead generation results that you expect. 

Your valuable time is at stack

The example of a DIY web builder is like driving a car with no knowledge and practice. Is it okay for you to delay your website development if the DIY builder stuck at a point? I hope so it’s not. 

We Did Research & See What We Find

We ask customers what they think about DIY-built websites. They share their experience with us. The answers were really helpful. Most of them were not satisfied with DIY-built websites. As they say:

  • There are limited customization options.
  • They have to use similar themes for multiple projects. Sometimes, themes don’t fit with the respective business. 
  • Adding more features makes them pay which crosses their expected budget for the project.
  • No proper Search Engine Optimization as for SEO paid tools are to be used. 
  • They have to rely on custom-made ads using free web developing versions. 
  • Whenever there is a glitch, they are stuck for hours unless they find an alternate solution.

With such problems, it becomes difficult to survive in the digital world among competitors. 

If your brand is facing such technicalities, consulting a professional website development agency can save you a lot. 

Hiring A Digital Web Development Agency In Dubai – A Better Alternate

If you want to skyscraper your business and survive through competition, hiring a professional web development agency is the only option. Considering your budget, you will get a more lead-generating website than a DIY-built website. 

Let’s see how digital agencies in Dubai offer benefits while crafting your website. 

No Add-ons Restrictions

Want to add new features to your web pages? Don’t worry about it. A digital agency has access to ever-lasting tools that will fascinate the website with alluring features. 

A DIY builder would lay off as resourcing to multiple features isn’t possible for him. For digital agencies, the sky’s the limit. If you have an idea that would make your website more profitable and easily approachable, just tell it to the agency. With a digital agency, you can add multiple gateways, make your website your business store, add multiple workflows, can easily switch hosting, integrate CMS, add marketing tools and whatsoever you can think of. 

At a budgeted price for your website project , a digital agency offers you such stunning features that a DIY can’t. 

Uniquely Designed Website 

Website design uniqueness is the specialty of the professional website developer. With customization ease, web design agency converts ideas into reality. Custom-tailored website is a preferable option to fulfill your requirement. A digital agency has access to premium templates that a DIY builder doesn’t. As a plus point, a professional digital agency recognizes your presence in the digital world with proper branding strategies. 

Better User Experience

As user experience encompasses all aspects of customers with the business, a web design agency focuses on building your corporate website with proficiency and ease of use. With a better UX and sales strategy, your custom-tailored platform will experience a boost in your lead conversion thus generating more sales. 

Appropriate linking, layout design, text blocks, buttons, forms and topography everything will focus on one thing, satisfy visitors and convert them into your customers. 

To Wrap It Up

Now, it is clear that hiring a professional agency in Dubai is the only option to better build your website. Don’t jeopardize your website development with the DIY website builder. 

Want to rank your website on Google’s first page? Hire a digital agency that can perform

  • Web Design and Development
  • SEO
  • Marketing

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