Social Media Video Production

Over the years, the way of advertisement has changed. Innovation has taken over TV ads, radio announcements and paper ads. Now it’s digital era that prioritizes video advertisement. Video content generates more than 80% website traffic, 8 billion views per day on Facebook videos, 774.6 million active users on YouTube every month and time that users spend on YouTube is increasing 60% yearly.

Short, innovative, imaginative, shareworthy, social media friendly and engaging videos will drive sales for your business.

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Guerrilla Local & Social Media Video Production

Guerrilla Local has been operating in Dubai since 2006. With digital expertise, Guerrilla Local offers full-fledged video production services to brands based in Dubai, UAE and Middle East. We are specialized to craft content according to a sensible content strategy. Over years, we have produced social media content for multiple brands considering individual business specifics.

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Looking for videos that reflect your business? Our in-house video production team can produce any type of video that boosts your business’s success and sales.

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Social Media Video Production Services Guerrilla Local Offers


Videos are Modern Marketing & Advertisement

Whenever your users find video content along with written content, they will absolutely view video first and then written content. Most of them will ignore the text. Human brain is trained to process visual content sixty thousand times faster than written content.

A cut-above marketing involves everything that your audience demands. A combination of video production and social media marketing can raise awareness about your brand effectively. Video content is a competitive edge for your brand and it will increase your brand’s revisits.

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Visual content leaves a better impression for a longer time. A written message can be forgotten but a mesmerizing scene will be remembered for a longer period.

One Minute Video is Equal to 1000 Written Words

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