Mobile Video SEO

Guerrilla Local has been partnering with leading brands across Dubai, UAE and Middle East for over 7 years and our focus is to optimize brand’s identity from every aspect i.e. website, app, YouTube channel etc. 

Because of the continuously growing digital world and expansion of digital devices across the globe, the way of internet exploration has changed as now more than 60% of users search from mobile devices. Plus the acquisition of graphical content has gained splendid peaks over a few years. 

Guerrilla Local is a Google Certified Partner Agency and we are specialists in developing and implementing SEO strategies for websites, apps and visual content. Our strategy designing criteria is based on business type, targeted audience, geographical locations, and digital trends. Let us bring your platform to visibility for improved rankings, conversions and ROI.

It is a misconception that a single SEO strategy works for all types of business platforms. A business-focused, tailored and unique SEO strategy yields results, growth and success that you want to entertain with your brand.


Mobile Video SEO Services Guerrilla Local Offer

Mobile Video Optimisation

With time, the use of mobile devices is drastically increasing to explore the internet. More than 85% of the overall digital market is visited by users using phones. Neglecting mobile optimization can cost you millions of opportunities that you could avail. Take advantage of optimization services provided by professionals and make your website responsive for devices with different screen sizes and reduce loading time. With an increased loading time, customers will not even explore your offerings, consequently forcing them to visit the next platform on the list, probably your competitor. 

App Store Optimisation

More than 55% of apps are discovered and downloaded via app stores. The audience will download those apps that are popular and appear on top of search results, same circumstance that you experience with desktop apps. Get trusted by more customers with an optimized app and improve the chances of downloads with better reviews. App store optimization, abbreviated as ASO, is the process of optimizing an app aiming to improve its visibility in search results on the app store. Appearance in search results is improved when an app maintains a ranked position in response to variable search terms.

Video/YouTube Optimisation

As YouTube is owned by Google, the search algorithms of both search engines are the same. However, YouTube considers other factors to understand user engagement for video ranking. Optimize these factors, target the right audience and rank higher on YouTube while enchanting more traffic from both desktop and mobile devices. 

There are multiple resources to access the internet as desktops, mobiles, laptops, tablets etc. Internet exploration has become easier and it is compulsory to adopt an extensive SEO strategy for all devices.

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