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From a 2020 report, more than 91.6% of mobile users spent their time while exploring mobile apps. More than 218 billion apps were downloaded in 2020 and they are estimated to increase 13% next year, says RiskIQ. Have a mobile app for your business and are looking for optimization? Guerrilla Local experts can help regarding app store optimization that is working in digital market for more than 15 years.

Making your business a preference using app, it is essential to include app store optimization in your SEO campaign. Millions of apps thriving to get recognized, app store development is the only chance.


Guerrilla Local & App Store Optimization

Guerrilla Local was declared as the most trusted digital agency in 2020 and has been offering a wide range of digital services in Dubai, UAE and Middle East for more than 15 years. Let us help to recognize your business digitally.

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Hundreds of brands operating out there are similar to your business. A foremost difficulty that your business faces to achieve success via mobile app is customers are unfamiliar with your app. Like SEO is a must for website to realize goals, correspondingly there are different ways to market an app in the app store. Let us perform app store optimization (ASO) to maximize your discoverability chances.


App Store Optimization Services Guerrilla Local Offers

We assure you that your application meets the ranking criteria for all major app stores. Our professionals execute app store optimization to rank your application at the top of search results. Search result appearance improves chances of downloads. 


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More than 55% of apps are discovered and downloaded via app stores. The audience will download those apps that are popular and appear on top of search results, same circumstance that you experience with desktop apps. Get trusted by more customers with an optimized app and improve the chances of downloads with better reviews. 

App store optimization, abbreviated as ASO, is the process of optimizing an app aiming to improve its visibility in search results on the app store. Appearance in search results is improved when an app maintains a ranked position in response to variable search terms. An application is visible to potential users only when it has good reviews, liked by people, downloaded several times and appears on top of search results. With ASO, chances of discoverability and downloads are increased manifold.

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Traffic from mobile devices has crossed the potential of visiting from desktop. ASO is a need of time, avail it today to stay put and stay ahead of the competition. Not every business owner understands the importance of ASO.

ASO is Auspicious for Your Business

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