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Guerrilla Local has been at the forefront of SEO development for more than fifteen years in Dubai, UAE and Middle East. We are a leading digital agency that delivers remarkable SEO services to schools and other educational departments in these regions. For schools, colleges, universities and training institutes, our SEO team rest assured to adopt innovative optimization implementations that play a key role to place them on top SERPs.

At the spine of this digital era, every person i.e. scholar, guardian etc looks for everything on internet. They are familiar with the fact that digital knowledge exposure and guidance are easily accessible as compared to face-to-face conformity. Every institute is judged by its online presence. 74.2% of student communities consider search engines a prime source of information. Better rank your educational website on search engines to get more leads.


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With years of experience and being declared as a trusted digital platform, our SEO experts are well aware of optimization importance for educational websites. With insights into innovative SEO techniques and digital trends, let us help to design your content with keywords that fit perfectly with search terms inserted by students. Long-tail keywords are good at grabbing more attention, and we knew it. 

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The importance of long-tail keywords is not disregarded. More than 80% of the audience use long-tail keywords to search for specific queries in education field i.e. primary schools near me in Dubai, SAT training institutes in Dubai or medical universities near me in Dubai. Our content creator team researches these facts and integrates content with such terms that whenever someone searches for alike terms, your website appears on top positions. Our SEO team makes use of these terms in titles, headings, meta descriptions and URLs to fully loaded your website with demanded keywords.


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Targeted SEO Campaign to Reach Potential Students

To secure a bright future, choosing the right educational institute is a must. Being an institute, it is mandatory to have a mind-captivating website that represents all features of your institute i.e. course of action, schedules, life at campus, info about events etc. Students and parents visit websites on a regular basis to collect relevant information. Plus, to grab more students, your website has to be optimized for all relevant keywords.

Besides the fact that internet is an open source for students, still, more than 83% of leads are dropped without conversion. Yet SEO for education can make a mark. It will help parents and students to decide wisely.  

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A perfectly implemented SEO for educational institute gives long-run benefits. With SEO, your educational website will rank on top SERPs that stays there forever with continuous improvement.

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