Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are a strong blend of mobile native apps and browser apps, working ability, functionality and features are identical. Google, behind the emergence of progressive web apps, is really pushing hard to make PWAs the next gen platforms.

A progressive web app is just like a random native app, but it is built using web technology, has a database, can load data with no internet connectivity, is mobile responsive and engaging.


Guerrilla Local & Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web app is to get your customers straight to your brand’s interface for a better user experience. As a competitive edge over native apps, progressive web apps can work perfectly on your mobile web browser without even needing to install apps from the app store.

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Guerrilla Local has been developing progressive web apps for local and multinational businesses operating in UAE and Middle East for more than 10 years. Let your customers access your app directly from search engines.


Progressive App Development Services Guerrilla Local Offers

Give your business a helping hand in the form of a progressive web app utilizing the expertise of ingenious Guerrilla Local in-company professionals.


A Standard-Complaint Browser App

Progressive Web Apps are no match for native apps but to use a native app, users have to follow a long tail process including downloading, signing in etc. For frequent use, you have to update native apps whenever there is one, covering more hardware space. Progressive web apps are free from these hurdles but they can’t pick the heights of plenteous like native apps. Just like a native app, you have to connect to a server to push notifications, news updates etc.

As progressive web apps work online efficiently, users can get attached to your business with a single touch, making it easier to find your offerings. Able your consumers to access your business via a progressive web app.

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As progressive web apps are not launched on the internet via app store, there is no need to wait for acquiescence. Introduce your business to the community without delay and capture more market as compared to competitors that rely on native apps.

Importance of Progressive Web Apps

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