Online Customer Service Systems

Customer service system is an integral and all-important part of an online business. It enables businesses to smoothen the information obtained from customers and provide the essential resources to customers they need.

It not merely assists brands to manage and operate their customer service systems, once it is integrated with relevant tools, it has ability to offer customers proficiency in correspondence with brand.


Guerrilla Local & Online Customer Service Systems

Guerrilla Local, a Dubai-based award-winning digital agency, realizes your every single digital need and has been offering website design and development services in Dubai, UAE and Middle East for over 15 years.

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During the course of this period, Guerrilla Local has helped hundreds of brands to lay foundations of their business in the digital world and extend their boundaries by integrating their websites with powerful customer service support systems. Utilizing outstanding features of these systems, we enable brands to offer their customers such extensive support that direct them to not only build confidence for brand but stay connected with it for the distant future.


Online Customer System Integration Services Guerrilla Local Offers


For Online Business Success, Customer Satisfaction is Everything. Fulfill all Needs to Grow Business.

About 95% of customers don’t place additional orders because they are not well-entertained with after-sales service. Customers want immediate response and once you fail to deliver it, don’t expect to hear out again from those unhappy customers.

Here comes the need for an online customer service system. It is integrated in such an elegant way into your online cart that furnishes the connectivity between the brand’s working body and customers. This one-stop-shop enables you to perform and manage multiple customer service platforms i.e. e-mail, direct calling, live chat etc.

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Immediate response from company employees, instant debriefing about specifics, sales process explanation, particulars about order placement and order tracking and sharing info from sales’ point builds confidence to trust brand and future chances of sales’ expansions are multiplied.

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