Heat mapping is a data visualization tool that helps to better understand the website performance as compared to other analytics tools. Considering the need to understand visitor’s psyche, Cormac Kinney developed heat mapping in the 1990s. Heat maps tell about how users visit a website, what is the center of concentration and what users are clicking on the specific portion of a page. Resultant is the 2-dimensional visualizations represented with a combination of colors. Heat maps consist of click maps for mouse clicks, scroll maps for scrolling and hover maps for mouse movement tracking. 

Visual representation with heat maps is easy to understand as compared to numerical representation with other analytics tools.


Guerrilla Local & Heat Mapping

Getting the exact knowledge of users’ activities performed on a web page, at which specific point visitors are paying attention to, exploring why specific portion is so important to visitors, what less-attended portions are lacking, mouse scrolling, moving and clicking, Guerrilla Local can help to optimize your web pages by considering content and design elements. A more-red section indicates more attention. 

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After analysis of heat maps, higher conversion rates can be achieved. From download and video views to subscribe and e-commerce sales, realize the benefits of heat mapping and analytics for businesses of any volume.


Heat Mapping Services We Offer

Other analytics tools show results in numbers and from where these numbers are getting in is a mystery. A thorough analysis of click maps, scroll maps and hover maps of web pages’ portions can help to better understand what specific action is ignored and what new strategy will be developed to boost conversions.


Colored Heat Maps For Better Understanding

Analytics tools help to understand why visitors are bouncing off without taking prior action and why they are leaving website at lead generating points (you can narrate them as downloads, checkout, sign-up forms and landing pages). These tools will not elaborate on which portion of web page traffic isn’t showing interest and leaving it, also what specific element is the reason to keep visitors on website.

Heat mapping is a visual representation of analytics that shows how visitors are showing interest towards a specific element, which portions are likely to interact more and which are not. By such analytics, you will be able to design a campaign to improve such elements or portions that are not proving fruitful. Get a smarter user experience with heat mapping of your website and measure user behavior on a scale of red to blue.

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Heap map covers strong and weak points of your web pages while representing data in a colored form for better understanding. Realize ways to grab more potential leads.

Rectify Your Web Architecture with Heat Maps

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