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Code fragments and measurement codes collectively known as “tags” are put into source code on your mobile app and website. They are beeline to integrate different plugins into your platform to strengthen capabilities like optimization, SEO and conversion tracking. It seems that it requires little effort but tag management is a lengthy, complex and long-drawn-out process, specifically for large corporate websites. Integration of excessive tags can slow down website working, increase development cost and can showcase malfunctioning data when not integrated adequately.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) does this work for you and it costs you nothing. Rather than integrating codes, GTM tool can update tags without any hesitation. Controlling triggers with GTM is trouble-free and it eases where to activate a specific tag.


Guerrilla Local & Google Tag Manager

For over fifteen years of digital expertise, Guerrilla Local was one of few digital agencies to adopt Google Task Manager interface to assist businesses in Dubai, UAE and Middle East. With an extensive approach of digital tools, experience and market insights, we offer all-embracing analytics services that no other agency could.

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Being known as the earlier Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) and having command over analytics perks, Guerrilla Local is the leading analytics solution provider in the Middle East.


Guerrilla Local For Google Tag Manager


Manage Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Tags are a cut above marketing solution as they help you to integrate your website with a third-party host feature that will validate conversion tracking within the website. A few of them are Yoast, Adroll etc. Before Google Tag Manager, webmasters managed these functionalities and they consumed a lot of time and resources. Time consumed to do amendments covered the sales time thus delayed campaign and fewer outcomes than predicted.

Now, there is no need for technical knowledge and digital team because of Google Tag Manager. Marketers and developers can easily integrate tag management solutions into their existing ecosystem that is secure, reliable and simple and helps to add, remove or edit multiple tags at the same time without killing the site’s loading speed. The use of less coding always gives you an opportunity to dominate market while staying updated with the latest trends.

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Google Tag Manager helps you to choose what tag (snippet) you want to fire on a specific page and when. Less time consumption for code means more productive time for marketing.

How GTM is Advantageous for Your Business?

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